Costa Project

We are an engineering and consulting company, providing comprehensive support for implementation of construction projects. Our strength is the knowledge of local conditions, international standards of work and an individual approach towards clients and their projects. In our work we undertake every endeavour to protect the best interest of our client, quality, innovation, environment and safety.

Costa Project Services

What we do is an effective compilation of creative thinking and technical, analytic engineer attitude. We provide a complex solution which are both environmentally safe and human friendly. We create a local brand based on proven international standards and cooperation with the best specialist in field.

Preparing an investment is first, yet crucial part of every project, consisting on series of activities and processes that influent its start as well as final success. Proper organization of this stage finds its reflection in smooth implementation of the project and directly effects its ultimate success. We support our Clients and strive to implement their goals and plans, by providing them with:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Due Diligence reports
  • Risk analysis and opening reports
  • Project documentation verification
  • Bills of quantity, estimates and budgets
  • Project implementation schedules
  • Complex tendering process 

Projects of Costa Project

We are a group of architects and engineers focused on the idea: „Enjoy your projects”. We are positive about the world around us and that is why we want our projects to be, not only human, but also environmentally friendly. By our work we give our Clients comfort, safety and satisfaction from carrying out their projects. We invite to see our portfolio:


So far we had pleasure to cooperate with:


Costa Project Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.
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tel: +48 512 009 060

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